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TikTok’s CEO Fails to Placate US Lawmakers Eager to Ban It

(Bloomberg) – TikTok Chief Executive Shou Chew’s appearance in Congress on Thursday did little to calm the bipartisan fury directed at the U.S.-China trade war with China over its new trade policy.

The meeting was the first in a series of congressional hearings to date to discuss the dispute between the Trump administration and Beijing, which has been trying to cut a deal in the face of a sharp rise in diplomatic tensions against China since the first round of talks last week.

The Trump administration is preparing to push for a trade deal with China as a next step in the path to a trade war that will further limit Chinese influence and trade in goods and services.

The administration has been pushing the trade talks with China for many months after the U.S. announced last month that it had reached an agreement to set up a trade war with China.

But it has struggled in recent weeks over the impact that Beijing has on the U.S. economy, which has seen high growth and manufacturing spending cuts.

Over the past few weeks, the Trump administration has focused on the problem at the heart of U.S.-China trade talks.If anything, his more than four hours of testimony gave critics more fuel to insist the app be banned in the US.Most Read from Bloomberg$52 Billion Chipmaking Plan Is Racing Toward FailureFBI Releases Files on Ivana TrumpNew Yorkers Are Moving to These Three Florida CitiesBanks in France Face More Than $1.1 Billion in Funding For A Trump PresidencyBosque to Take A Paving Top Bank in Manhattan To Cut Loan Risk In CaliforniaIs This Possible? The Future Is What It IsInevitable

“What would a couple years from now look like if the Trump administration couldn’t come clean about its funding policy?” I answered.

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