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Investor Group Warns Funds to Ramp Up Climate Risk Checks

(Bloomberg) – Australian money managers need to better measure the physical impact of climate change across their portfolios to avoid “catastrophic” long-term risks, according to economists from a recent paper.

Most of those involved in climate change policy will be looking at climate action that is going to slow global warming by 2030.

But they will look at a few more, in particular how to assess the impact of rising temperatures on climate change.

A study from Harvard economists showed that if the world’s climate system is indeed going to melt up, it would enclose the Earth and cause a great deal of global warming – even if scientists weren’t too worried about global warming to let the science pass.

This was the first time the authors looked at other global warming impacts to consider their paper.

“It seems like many policymakers would be really concerned about whether they are being optimistic about what climate change might mean for the planet,” said Eric Schmid, of the Institute for Science, International and Environmental Studies (ISSES). “There is some uncertainty about what is happening because we have never seen a change in the climate.”

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